Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Their Loss - Know Your Worth

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned on my journey thus far is the need to know my own worth.

I have an awesome friend I'd like to share her with you all! She's warm, honest, authentic, giving, etc etc... Since we've met, I've not known her to be unkind or knowingly rude even once. Just the thought of possible meaness on her part causes her to circle the wagon with that person to be sure they understand that her intentions were never negative and she gives all she has to build on the experience. This friend is a Woman of God* and lives strong in her faith holding all to the same level of character she possesses because in her eyes, we are all accountable to God.

Recently, we've had ongoing discussions regarding folks that may not be as true as she. Of course, in her awesomeness, she looks at negative exchanges with others and evaluates what she could do differently to maybe make a difference in the encounter.

After our discussion, I remembered how I (and most people) took the negativity and closed-mindedness of others personally. It's human nature to ask the question: "What's wrong with me" and feel that we need to make the adaptations.


You are a child of God, ordained to be a vessel of His goodness and light! That in itself makes you worthy of the respect and kindness of others!

You WILL NOT be able to please everyone, someone will find a way to be unhappy with you no matter what you do. Everyone DOES NOT HAVE to like you or bring you into their 'circle'. Although it says in black and white that we should love our neighbors or treat one another as we would like to be treated... some folks did not get the memo!
If you give all you have then that is all you are accountable for... more than likely that person is dealing with some issues of their own that have nothing at all to do with you.

Bottom line: BE YOU... Be a light in dark places... Be Humble but KNOW YOUR WORTH! It's totally, 'Their Loss'.

Activity: Write down all of the wonderful things that make you YOU... and then take a moment to truly appreciate every last one of those items! (Wow, aren't you wonderful?)

Love yall


*Woman of God: One who lives righteously, walks in her purpose and prays for others with the same zealous as she prays for herself. She's a strong and loyal friend, a dependable sister with a nurturing spirit.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Little BIG Things!

Yesterday I spent the day with my family. Seems pretty normal, right? Well in today's stressful, rush rush, work work work environment, something as simple as an entire day with the family is not only against the grain, it's a downright phenom.
We enjoyed a picnic in the park followed by a concert in a really cool outdoor concert facility in Akron Ohio called Lock 3. I was a total June Cleaver with an actual picnic basket filled with individually wrapped sandwiches, equally cut watermelon pieces and more! We didn't spend a lot of money or go on a big vacation rather just spent some quality time with one another enjoying the outdoors and each other's company.

The value of 'the little things' has seemingly escaped our 'big picture' motives. We've forgotten that it is life's small victories and beautiful mini-moments that keep us going and able to focus on larger tasks. Becoming 'caught up' in the goal tends to cause us to belittle or take for granted all the little refreshing pit stops along the way that keep us fueled to reach the finish line.

The excuses are easy, no time, no money, too tired... but the reward is greater. By taking time to spend with family, friends or hanging out with yourself - you are investing in your own well-being...this will make anyone better equipped to reach their God given potential.

So...leave me a comment today and tell me how you plan to accomplish the Little Big things this week!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Introduction to My Walk - Our Journey

Welcome Family!

I am so excited about the opportunity to share my walk with you! I have been told several times to do this but I wasn't ready. What do you mean? I'm glad you asked!

I believe God sometimes has to bring you through a storm or two before you can achieve the things He has set for your life. In our lowest times and our most darkest times it may seem that we have no purpose, it's the understanding that these times of struggle are preparation for great things - God's boot camp.

So now... I'm ready!

I truly hope that you become apart of the PurP family, reading, reflecting and sharing the journey with me.

Well now you are thinking what is the walk, the journey...

The walk is each step we take closer to understanding God's purpose for our lives.

The journey is the challenges, the obstacles and victories we will experience along the way.

In this blog, you will find Real Talk mixed with inspiration, love and directness. I won't sugar coat it and hand it to you in fine wrapping paper. I will mention God frequently because without Him there is no walk or journey - if you can't handle that, let me just say thank you for stopping by, but this isn't for you. I will tell the truth about me and the truth about you. We'll laugh and cry and yell at the computer screen but more importantly we'll be there for each other.

You will also see the Bonus Blog! The Bonus Blog is a quick comedic experience of a guy named Bruce. Little true experiences to make you laugh out loud!

Well family, thank you for joining me! We're in this together now.

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